People say cooking is an art, not a science. While many don’t agree with this saying, I definitely do. For me, cooking started way before I was ‘officially’ told to enter the realms of the kitchen. I found a hobby in conjuring up dishes with simple, everyday ingredients that would always be available at home. But yes, those were simple times when 2+2 equaled 4 and anything you made was appreciated by family members.

Today, not only has the range of ingredients gone from 4 to 400, taste palates have also matured; making this art pretty much a colorful mess!! No, that’s just a joke. Now that culinary art has become such a formal industry in Pakistan, I decided to take my cooking up a notch as well. From merely cooking for friends and family, I’m here- cooking for all you wonderful people who have given Zitchen so much praise and support.

It’s been a great beginning so far. Here’s to countless cooking hours in the Z-Kitchen and many more spent at the dinning table!

Till next time, Zitchen fans!

Yours truly, Z.


  1. Syed Ahmed says:

    Great. Keep it up. More power to you.